Translators, editors, publishing experts, literary agents, other publishing professionals, teachers of Italian language and literature in Italy and elsewhere: many professions have a connection with the world of books. Their contribution is often silent, hidden away, yet we cannot do without it. This is why, in the Interviews section, we have decided to give them a voice, since we are convinced that hearing the words of those who “make” books is the only way to truly understand publishing and make its diverse aspects better known.

Interview with Lucetta Paschetta, president of the Trenta e lode cooperative


From independent publishers to supermarkets

WorldWide Manzoni

An exhibition on the success of I Promessi Sposi around the world. An interview with Paola Italia

Interview with Maria Sica, director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb


Good morning, Ms Sica, can you give us a brief overview of the Croatian publishing panorama? Which are the most important publishing houses, and what kinds of books do they publish? The local publishing market is not in a particularly happy period in terms of sales, but there is still a nucleus of publishers who are constantly and prudently committed...

Fabio Gambaro, creative director of Italissimo festival


The first festival of Italian literature in Paris

Laura Ceccacci agency

An interview with a new born Italian literary agency.

Italian for foreigners: Bettina Picco, Mondadori Education

Publications and initiatives related to the teaching of Italian language to foreigners

Italian for foreigners: Isabella Araldi, Zanichelli editore

ITALIAN FOR FOREIGNERS Italian is the fourth most studied language in the world. Booksinitaly tried to take stock of publications and initiatives related to the teaching of Italian language to foreigners. Thus, we made some interviews with leaders of some publishing houses that deal with teaching Italian language.  Isabella Araldi, chief editor of Italian and Foreign Languages, Zanichelli Editore What can you tell us about the books Zanichelli publishes for teaching of Italian to non-native...

Taffimai: At the Forefront of Publishing

An exclusively digital Italian publishing house for books aimed at children and young adults

Interview with Davide Scalmani, director of the Italian Culture Institute in Belgrade

Davide Scalmani is the director of the Italian Culture Institute in Belgrade, the only one in Serbia.

Interview with Mariagrazia Mazzitelli, Editorial Director, Salani publisher

Mariagrazia Mazzitelli, Editorial Director of the publishers Salani, has recently been a guest of the Sharjah International Book Fair in the United Arab Emirates.

  • 29 May 2017

    LV Campiello Prize: the shortlist

    Here’s the shortlist of the LV edition of Campiello Prize: Stefano Massini, Qualcosa sui Lehman (Mondadori) Mauro Covacich, La città interiore (La nave...
Inserisci qui il testo del help in inglese
Inserisci qui il testo del help in inglese
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