Reading Reports

This reading reports present recently published or forthcoming books (novels, short stories, essays, poetry collections), as well as 20th century classics, recommended by BooksinItaly. We selected them because we like them, and because we think that they may also be interesting for non-Italian readers, stimulating or intriguing perhaps. These two conditions are both necessary, but the latter depends on the former. We are not proposing books that are simply exportable, but books that in our view really deserve to be well-known. Independence of judgment is another basic condition. These books are brought to our attention by different types of readers (critics, scholars, experts), examined and discussed, then passed on to those who write the presentations. There is only one restriction: our favourable view, and a varying but constant intensity we all encountered during our reading experience.
For each book we offer a profile and a translated sample. The profiles are little challenges because, within space limits, they go beyond the book description (the story, the characters, or the thesis and arguments, the language, the style), saying how much we like the work and why. As occurs with book reports for the industry, judgment is personal but well-founded; the point of view, the language and the involvement, are those of a well-versed, critical reader, speaking to other readers like him.

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