Poet Juan Vicente Piqueras (translation in English* by Anne Milano Appel) wrote about translators:

They’ve become invisible owing to humility.
For centuries they were also anonymous.
They, who live by names and with names,
did not have a name.
In the liturgy of literature
they are often treated like altar boys.
Instead they are true pontiffs: those who build bridges
between islands of far-flung languages, who know
that all languages are foreign,
that everything between us is translation.

The aim of this database is to provide translators everywhere with a positive identity as they toil relentlessly
to bring Italian books to foreign readers and help them bridge distances.  Ilide Carmignani

A project by with the expert advice of Ilide Carmignani and Simona Cives.
If you are a literary translator, here all the information on how to join it.
*Translation in English: © 2015 Juan Vicente Piqueras and Anne Milano Appel. All rights reserved.
You can read the poetry I traduttori in both Italian and English in the official website of the translator Anne Milano Appel.
Inserisci qui il testo del help in inglese
Inserisci qui il testo del help in inglese
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